Friday April 26th, 5.00pm Singlestick Seminar with Brandon Foat

Military Style Singlestick
    In the chaos of a fight, victory goes to the fighter who is better able to observe, move, and control the action at critical moments. In this seminar we’ll practice high-probability distance and blade set-ups that allow an observant fighter to gain advantage. Participants will leave with a practical mental structure for controlling their opponents, and themselves.

Saturday April 27th, 1.00pm Persian Martial arts with Isa Martell

Persian Swordplay and Armor demonstration
Razmafzar is an organization dedicated to the study of historical martial arts, weaponry and military history of Persia/Iran. Included in this are fields such as Swordsmanship, Archery, Horsemanship and Wrestling. Isa Martell will be doing a presentation on Persian swordplay including the equipment and armor used

Sunday April 28th, 1.00pm Oakshott Institute presentation

Oakshott Collection Presentation
The Oakshott Institute will be bring along a selection of there collection of historic weapons and giving a presentation and talk on the development of those weapons, how they were made and how they were used .