Friday April 26th, 5.00pm Singlestick Seminar with Brandon Foat

Military Style Singlestick
    In the chaos of a fight, victory goes to the fighter who is better able to observe, move, and control the action at critical moments. In this seminar we’ll practice high-probability distance and blade set-ups that allow an observant fighter to gain advantage. Participants will leave with a practical mental structure for controlling their opponents, and themselves.

Friday April 26th, 6.00pm lecture series

Lecture #1

The Fechtschule in Early Modern Germany”

The Holy Roman Empire in the mid-16th century has been regarded by historians as the height of the inter-relationship between men and their personal armaments. From obligations to serve in civic militias, to duels in the streets, men were expected to demonstrate their felicity with violence as a component of their masculine and civic value.The Fechtschule existed within this framework and played an important cultural role in allowing men a safe, though highly public, avenue to demonstrate their skill at arms. Far from simply ‘sportifying’ the deadly arts of an earlier era, the Fechtschule was a multifaceted public festival space that conditioned and reinforced both the constructive and destructive ideals of violent masculine culture in the late Renaissance.

Presenter: Adam Franti is a three-weapon Fechter in the Meyer Freifechter Guild and a Free-Scholar of the Historical Fencing Association. He started modern Olympic fencing in 2005, and has been active in HEMA tournaments since 2015, earning multiple medals in longsword and rapier. Adam earned a master’s degree in history in 2018, and uses his academic skills to study the martial culture of Early Modern Europe, with a particular focus on the Freifechter tradition of Germany, and Salvatore Fabris’ rapier system. In 2017, Adam found the Lansing Longsword Guild, and has been an event organizer and instructor for the clubs in Michigan, and was one of the founders of the Midwest Historical Fencing League. He hopes to promote deep source study and healthy body mechanics to create skillful, crafty fencers that are, above all, fun to fence.

Lecture #2

The Noble ‘Science’ of Defense?: The Episteme of Historical Swordplay”

Techne, the art, the physical actions of the fencer are central to our enjoyment of historical martial arts, but even the most physically grueling traditions were tied to an intellectual framework. What was the historical framework for the ‘science’ of arms? Distance and timing, proportionality, the mechanics of motion, even metaphysical standing formed part of the premodern fencer’s understanding of combat. The role of ‘scientific’ frameworks in combat was extensive. In this lecture we will discuss the ideas and methods of intellectual inquiry that shaped the practices of European fencing from the medieval through the early modern eras. Geometry, physics, ontology, and poetics were all part of how many premodern fencers understood both the art and science of historical swordplay and all remain useful for developing our own reconstructive efforts.

Presenter: Alexander Greff, MA, is a doctoral student in the History of Science, Technology, and Medicine program at the University of Minnesota, where he studies the intellectual and material cultural histories of early modern fencing and its connections to mathematics and medicine.

Saturday April 27th, 1.00pm Persian Martial arts with Isa Martell

Persian Swordplay and Armor demonstration
Razmafzar is an organization dedicated to the study of historical martial arts, weaponry and military history of Persia/Iran. Included in this are fields such as Swordsmanship, Archery, Horsemanship and Wrestling. Isa Martell will be doing a presentation on Persian swordplay including the equipment and armor used

Presenter: Isa Martell is a member of Razmafzar Staff as well as it’s Combat Team, where he currently holds the rank of Sāxte. He studies directly under the founder of Razmafzar, Dr. Manouchehr Khorasani.

Sunday April 28th, 1.00pm Oakeshott Institute presentation

Oakeshott Collection Presentation
The Oakshotte Institute will be bring along a selection of there collection of historic weapons and giving a presentation and talk on the development of those weapons, how they were made and how they were used .