Center for Blade Arts
The Center for Blade Arts (formerly Minnesota Sword Club) is one of the Twin Cities’ largest and most prestigious fencing schools. The Center for Blade Arts offers classes for all ages and levels in all forms of Olympic fencing as well as several forms of historic fencing.

Oakeshott Institute
The Oakeshott Institute is a research organisation based in Minneapolis, and curator of the acclaimed Oakeshott collection. The Institute is dedicated to the research and promotion of historical arms and armor through a hands-on educational approach.

Focus Minnesota
Focus Minnesota is a basic-needs assistance, grassroots neighborhood organization, providing help to those in need. Their stated mission is to the under-served poor, the homeless, and the working poor, providing them with Food, Occupation, Clothing, Understanding and Shelter

Black Horse Blades
Black Horse Blades specialize in making durable long lasting blades. Their HEMA weapons have an excellent reputation for strength handling . They are well known in the community for their excellent customer service and willingness to make custom knives and swords

Arms and Armor
Arms and Armor forges some of the best historic replicas in currently in production . Their unsurpassed knowledge,attention to detail and craftsmanship has made them popular with museums, reenactment groups, collectors and historic fencers around the world.

Robin Pferd
Robin Pferd is an artist of many talents. one of the specialties she is known for in the HEMA community is wood burning’s of historic fencing plates, as well as some other HEMA related art and merchandise. she can be contacted through her facebook page.

Umbrella Forge
Umbrella Forge is a fully operational blacksmiths forge owned an operated by Forged in Fire Champion Jeremiah Backhaus. As well as historic weapons, Umbrella Forge will turn theirs hammers toward any metal working project and are more than happy to take custom orders . They can be contacted through their facebook page

Finer Meats & Eats
Finer Meats and Eats is the oldest full service meat market in Minneapolis with over 50 years experience. They now bring their quality product to the streets with their own food truck which provides a selection of BBQ, Burgers, Sandwiches and more, all made with their very own premium beef, poultry, and pork.